El Diari de la Catalunya Central

I got a message from our Basque guide Fermin Lopetegui that our pilgrimage features in the electronic news for the Manresa region in El Diari de la Catalunya Central You can see the article by clicking on El Diari de la Catalunya Central   

The article is in Catalan. Using Google Translate it reads:

MANRESA    The trickle of pilgrims who follow the path of Saint Ignatius from Loyola and Manresa continues. Four days ago the first German to go from start to finish came to the cave shrine, and soon we expect a group of twenty people linked to a university in Melbourne (Australia) .

The Basque Lopetegui Fermin, the first pilgrim to complete the full path in March last year, also did it in reverse in March this year. He walked with the group from Loyola to Logroño, where they arrived on Monday this week.  On Tuesday they took a rest day .  The average age is sixty.  On Wednesday —  the National Day — they resumed the route, the Stage from Logroño to Alcanadre.

They started from the Sanctuary at Loyola on 3 September. In addition there were three Germans and one person from Caceres. This week we have had two more pilgrims start, one yesterday and one the day before yesterday. One of them wants to make it to Logroño and next year will journey from there, and the other, from Bilbao, will decide on whether to fly or walk the full path .

Leading the group is the Australian Jesuit Fr Michael Smith, a senior lecturer at MCD University of Divinity in Melbourne and Director of Campion Centre of Ignatian spirituality in the same city. Two years ago Fr Smith completed the Camino de Santiago, and when he heard about the Camino Ignaciano he wanted to follow him. In March he began preparations for the journey which will be done in 28 days.  Fr Smith also created a website (Walking with Iñigo: The Ignatian Camino — In the footsteps of Saint Ignatius of Loyola ) which is a comprehensive travel diary with explanations of each Stage , photographs and videos. There is also information about Saint Ignatius, route maps , the official website of the way, and how to prepare, among other things. On the Stage before yesterday he put up a picture of his swollen leg after making more than 33 kilometres in one day.

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