• You should take (i) your credit card and (ii) €400 in cash.
  • The cost of hotel accommodation, breakfast and dinner is included in the package price.
  • Buying a sandwich and fruit during the day is very cheap.
  • Washing your socks, shirt and underwear by hand each day is probably best. A quick drying hiking shirt can be hung up in the shower recess overnight.
  • Alternatively, at some of the hotels you can have your clothes washed for a fee, but it takes time (usually 24 hours) to get your laundry back and pilgrims usually only stay one night in a hotel on the Camino.
  • You need cash for beer at the end of the day.
  • You may need to purchase pharmaceuticals.

4 thoughts on “Expenses

  1. I want to walk the Ignatian camino on a very limited budget. Is it possible to walk alone and what would be the rough price of accommodation along the way? Tessa (tessaeales@yahoo.com)

    • Yes it is possible to walk alone. We have calculated the ground content (accommodation and meals) at $3,900 Australian dollars), although with the devaluation of the Aussie dollar it would probably be more like $4,500.

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