A typical day on the Ignatian Camino

As we have walked an order of time has evolved in the group. We think that it might be of interest to other pilgrims.

6.15am    Rise and pack up

        • Make sure you have enough water for the day
        • Make sure you put plasters on your blisters before you put your socks on
        • Make sure you don’t leave anything behind in the hotel
        • Put on sun screen — face, arms and legs

7.00am    Breakfast at the hotel or albergue (hostel)

7.45am    Group gathers

        • Load the suitcases onto the bus
        • Pick up prepared lunches for the day (often a bocadillo with ham and cheese, a drink and a piece of fruit)
        • Briefing on the specifics of the day’s walk (the distance, the weather forecast, where we will stop for a break, where we will have lunch)
        • The group guide gives points for today’s reflection based on the Spiritual Exercises
        • People mention special intentions that they would ask the group to pray during the day (for example, we have had prayer for peace in Syria, prayer for the Church and its response to the sexual abuse crisis, prayer for the mentally ill, and so on)
        • Sing the Pilgrim Song

8.00am    Begin the day’s walk

        • We walk in silence for the first two hours reflecting and praying either on the points from the Spiritual Exercises or the special intention for the day or other personal matters
        • We usually have a toilet break after one hour — the women go ahead as a group and the men stay behind

10.30am    Stop for a short break and see if we can purchase a cup of coffee

12.30pm    Lunch break for 40 minutes

        • Sometimes we have another hour of silence after lunch

4-6.00pm  Arrive at the next town and find the hotel

        • Have a beer and celebrate the successful completion of another stage of the Ignatian Camino
        • Shower, hand wash your clothes, rest
        • Make sure your phone, iPad, camera etc. are recharged
        • If necessary, the leadership team might meet to plan the route for the next day
        • Explore the town
        • Write your journal or your blog

7.15pm     Mass, which is sometimes celebrated in a room at the hotel or at a nearby church

        • Mass includes a time of sharing on the joys of the day and the difficulties encountered

8.00pm    Dinner at the hotel

        • Usually a three course meal with wine
        • Order cut lunches for the next day

10.00pm   Bed

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