Itinerary and maps

The Camino Ignaciano (click image to enlarge)

For detailed maps of the route from Loyola to Manresa go to the official website by clicking here.  Each day of the pilgrimage is outlined on the official website.  For example, on the home page, if you hold the mouse over the word Euskadi on the menu bar, a drop down menu will appear. Move the mouse to Step 1: Loyola to Zumarraga and you will find that a menu will pop up on the right. The first item on that menu reads Map 1.   Move the mouse over and click on that.  At the bottom of that page you can view detailed maps of the Ignatian Way using Wikiloc or Google Maps. Detailed maps for each of the 28 days of the pilgrimage are given.

It would be good to study these maps prior to the pilgrimage.

Maps. The pilgrimage guides will have hard copies of the maps.  Each day pilgrims will be given a map of the day’s route.

Mobile phones. In addition, each pilgrim will have a mobile phone just in case anyone gets lost along the way so that he or she can contact the pilgrimage guides.