Hospital in Tudela

In the early evening I took a taxi with Fr Paddy Mugavin to the “Reina Sofia” Hospital in Tudela. Paddy, who speaks fluent Spanish having been a missionary in Chile for six years in the late eighties and early nineties, was my interpreter. I could not have been happier with care I received.  My blood pressure was 138 over 78, and my heart rate was 58. I had blood and urine tests. All is well. The doctor prescribed some Daflon tablets to drain the build up of fluid in my shins as a result of the trauma and some special Compressport socks which we purchased from a Farmacia on on way back to the hotel.

Having my blood taken at the Tudela Hospital

The nurse taking my blood at the Tudela Hospital

The doctor says I can begin to walk the Camino again when the swelling in my legs goes down.

8 thoughts on “Hospital in Tudela

  1. I am still following along closely. So sorry to hear about your shin splints but am really pleased to hear you went to the hospital. Yes I also experienced wonderful care at the hospital when I got sick on the retreat at Manresa. I can imagine your disappointment but I know I learned heaps from the experience of the care I received. This is your journey of the Camino… look after your legs and dont start walking until you are competely ready! Love to all….Jennifer

    • Dear Jennifer,
      Thanks for your message. It is painful even getting out of bed, so I can’t see myself walking again for a few days yet. Yes, the Spanish medical care has been excellent, and the doctors and nurses are outstanding. Being a pilgrim in Spain carries meaning for the person in the street, so they understand the aches and pains and are very sympathetic. We have been very touched by the kindness and consideration shown to us.

  2. Dear Michael. Have been following the story of your poor sorry legs with great interest. I have been feeling quite helpless as in a past life I was a Physio. I am very glad that you sought medical treatment and found it to be excellent. One of my retreatants once said to me that in her experience it is only through great pain and suffering that one can truly share in the joy of the resurrection. So you see Michael it is very possible that you are truly graced. Many blessings Gerry from Brisbane.

  3. Dear Gerry,
    Thank you for your message. We could do with a physiotherapist on the pilgrimage! One of the pilgrims, Sandra Dillon from Ballarat, used to be a nurse and she has been very helpful. I do hope that there is a resurrection in this experience and that this set back will turn out to be a grace.

  4. Hi Michael, I’m sorry you have had this set back, and disappointment, and especially I am sorry to hear about the pain you have been enduring. But I am sure you will put it in perspective. Tough and all as it is in the short term. Dani really appreciates your leadership and friendship. Best wishes Frank

    • Dear Frank,
      Thanks for your email. It has been four days now since I walked but my legs are feeling better. Deo Gratias. Dani is going very well, as I predicted she would. She has trained hard for this Camino and her fitness is showing through.

  5. Dear Michael,

    I am sorry to hear that you cannot walk for a while. I do hope that it heals soon so you can continue your path. I know how very much you looked forward to walk Ignacio’s way.
    Regards Irma

    • Dear Irma,
      Good to hear from you. The Ignatian Camino is much tougher that I had imagined it would be. The surfaces are quite stoney and uneven and make for a lot of jarring. I prepared for this one more than I did for the Camino Frances in 2011, but clearly I needed to prepare more. Still I am enjoying the quiet time I have been having over the past four days. I hope to start walking again the day after tomorrow.

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