Stage 6: Genevilla to Laguardia (27.5km)

The bus picked us up from the Hotel Villa de Laguardia and took us back to Genevilla to commence our next stage of the Camino Ignaciano — walking back to Laguardia.

We again prayed in silence for the first two hours of our walk from Genevilla to Laguardia. Vin Dillon suggested that we pray for our newly elected government in Australia following yesterday’s Federal Election. He suggested that we pray that the new term of the Parliament would be a contest of ideas rather an a contest of personalities. We also prayed that the policies and the allocation of resources would take into account the needs of all Australians especially the weak and vulnerable. A special mention was made of the plight of asylum-seekers. Given that both the Labor Party and the Liberals seemed to be in a competition to see which party could be most punitive to refugees, we prayed for a change of heart in both our politicians and the general public.

Today, following the pattern of the Spiritual Exercises, we begin to consider sin in our lives. We were asking God to reveal our sin because, when God reveals our sin God also reveals His love for us. It is very freeing to become aware of our sinful tendencies, those aspects of ourselves which draw us away from God because then we can turn to God to ask for forgiveness and healing. Today was overcast and the weather matched the matter for prayer.

The route was long but the only difficult section was the first two hours up into the mountains. The rest of the day was a descent into Laguardia through the vineyards and farmlands of La Rioja.

Coming up the mountain

Coming up the mountain

At one point during our walk we passed the 100 Kilometre mark. Just 540 kilometres to go!

The 100 Kilometre mark

The 100 Kilometre mark

Laguardia is a charming and historic walled town built upon an intricate system of underground “caves” or cellars, excavated under the houses and streets. We enjoyed an early evening walk through the narrow cobbled streets, to the lovely Romanesque 12th century Church of Santa María de los Reyes where Fr Joe Taylor said Mass for us.

3 thoughts on “Stage 6: Genevilla to Laguardia (27.5km)

  1. Dear Michael and Helen
    It’s good to read of your journey. Mine is somewhat restricted to home, doctors and short outings but the presence of Christ is tangible, as are the prayers of God’s people – I feel remarkably well.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you on this exciting journey you are all undertaking. God is with you.
    Robert Paterson

  2. Dear all,
    I began to follow the blog out of curiosity. I enjoy it very much. Today, though as I went for my [very short, one hour] walk I realised just how aware I have been of all of you on your camino as I step it out around Traralgon. I believe I am with you in spirit as I think about how you pray, and remember the photos of you all trekking along or resting. I join my prayers to yours and as I write about it now I am filled with consolation. I am reminded of the blessings and graces I recieved during my very first eight day retreat at Campion when I spent hours and hours walking about Studley Park.
    Go onward with God and St. Ignatius. I look forward to tomorrow’s news.

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